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What sets us apart from our competition is our complete dedication to customer service.

Our agency’s growth has been primarily through referrals...a direct result of our commitment to our clients.

Since 2006, our agency has been proud to work with over 5,000 clients across the state of California.  Clients with families like ours who have worked a lifetime to provide a home and build a life for themselves and their loved ones.  Our job is to protect that dream and give our clients peace of mind at every stage of their life.


Daniel Ellis Hershfield began his career in the Property/Casualty arena at Allstate Insurance Company. During that time Daniel proved to be a stellar agent whose customers were satisfied not only with the coverage they purchased, but with the service that he provided. This satisfaction was proven in the amount of referrals he received which is the ultimate compliment a company can get.

Daniel’s career goals extended into the personal ownership of an insurance brokerage wherein he could create his own agency using his exceptional customer service skills. Together with his wife, Andrea, this agency became a reality and we now service the entire state of California.